X-Ray Calculator

Having x-rays is a very important part of a dental exam. It allows us to see things that we would never be able to see with the naked eye. It allows us to catch problems and treat them before more damage can occur. X-rays also allow us to accurately diagnose problems.

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We understand that you may be worried or have concerns about the radiation exposure that comes with getting a dental x-ray. The good news is that the exposure is very minimal and the reality is that you only need x-rays every two years. More may be necessary if you have experienced oral trauma or have had extensive dental work.

Radiation is a natural part of our lives. It is in the earth, the air, our water and the food we eat. Humans have been living with and exposed to radiation from the dawn of our time on earth. The average person is exposed to 620 mrems per year. Based on the calculator in the link below the people living in Ashland will be exposed to much less radiation then the national average even with dental x-rays.

According to the radiation calculator in the link below a dental x-ray creates .5 mrem. This means a full series of dental x-rays will create 9 mrem.  This is small fraction of radiation exposure when compared to other standard medical x-rays.

Please visit the links below to learn more about radiation. We are happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

Radiation Calculator – http://www.epa.gov/radiation/understand/calculate.html

Effects of Radiation – http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/fact-sheets/bio-effects-radiation.html