Family Dentist

Looking For A Great Family Dentist In Ashland Oregon?
Ashland Dental Health Can Service Your Entire Families Dental Needs

It’s actually pretty easy to find a family dentist in Ashland Oregon because there are quite few really talented dentists to choose from. The problem is how do you choose between all of these great dentists? You only want the best for you and your family and it is critical to find a dentist office and staff you trust and feel comfortable with.

family dentists in ashland oregon, ashland family dentists, family dentists office ashland oregon, ashland or family dental practice, best family dentist in ashland oregonWhen we say “family dentist” we are not just talking about ourselves. Together with you, we are a family dentist. The dental health of your family is truly all of our occupations. Good dental habits and hygiene start at home. You as the parent set the examples for your children and schedule regular visits. We can help you with guidelines, tips and ideas to keep your whole families dental health at an optimum level. Not only does this keep your family healthier it will save you money too as prevention is the key.

Our staff loves to see kids of any age. From toddlers to grandparents and everyone in between. We are happy to spend the time educating and empowering you to keep your families beautiful smiles. If you have questions like when kids should start using toothpaste, what type of toothpaste should they be using, how to brush the teeth of a toddler, if and when wisdom teeth should be removed, if your children should get braces, give us a call or stop by our office. We are happy to help in any way we can.

Trying to schedule dental visits for your family can be extremely time consuming and very challenging. We will work with your schedule to make sure they entire family gets the dental care when they need it. We can even offer special appointments so that your kids can see you in the chair first. Or schedule the family one after another so everyone gets treated the same day. Whatever your needs for a dental visit we are happy to accommodate you in any way we can.

Dr. Kitchell and Dr. Omura give every one of their dental patients the time and attention they need in order for them to feel comfortable with the care and treatment they will be receiving. By spending the time to explain things and answer questions it allows everyone in your family relax and even have fun during their dental procedures. This time empowers and educates you to be able to make great decisions with your treatment options.

With toddlers and children the staff goes out of their way to make the whole experience fun and exciting while getting them to understand the importance of proper oral hygiene. Parents can be in the room with their children. And if they are not it is very common to hear giggle and laughter while sitting in the waiting room.

With older kids and even the hard to please young adults Dr. Kitchell and Dr. Omura are able to cultivate a mutual respect and motivate them to care about their teeth. A nice healthy smile is a major component of self-image and confidence.

Adults typically have lots of questions and concerns and we take as much time as is necessary to address and answer every question. This is critical to creating a comfortable and relaxed visit. We quite often here from our adult patients how painless, easy and gentle their visit was.

If you are looking for a family dentist in Ashland Oregon give Ashland Dental Health a call today 541-482-1744. We can schedule the whole family for a visit. Thank you for choosing us as your new Ashland family dentist office.