As of May 1st, the State of Oregon will be allowing medical and dental practitioners to resume full service care (including elective procedures, cleaning, exams). While we are excited to get back to work and provide care to you and your family, we will be using the upmost caution as our communities health and safety is our number one priority. The State of Oregon requires several standards are met prior to starting elective procedures of May 1st, and unfortunately they can be especially difficult for dental offices to meet. It is critical that we have enough Personal protective equipment (PPE) for our team. As you have probably seen in the news, the nation is having difficulties procuring enough for our hospitals, let alone our dental clinics. We are actively working to source that equipment while still being sensitive to the needs of our community hospitals. Also, due to the open nature of our operatories where we provide your care, we are concerned about airflow during certain procedures. We will using CDC guidelines for air and surfaces cleaning standards to determine how long we need to wait between patients to ensure the air and surfaces are sanitized and safe for our next patient.

Thank you for your patience and loyalty. We are in this together!

Looking For Great Dentists In Ashland Oregon?

Welcome To Ashland Dental and Oral Health

With so many great dentists in Ashland and Southern Oregon, choosing the right dentist for you and your family can be a big challenge. The good news is that your search for an Ashland dentist has led you here. We think you’ll be glad it did.

We Will Treat You Like Family

Here at Ashland Dental Health we strive to make you feel like family because we want this to be your dental home. Using a friendly, knowledgeable, and gentle approach we will provide you with individualized care that you want and deserve. We treat every patient as if they were a part of our family, and as we wish to be treated ourselves.

Every one of our patients is unique in that they have experienced different dentists in the past, have varying dental and medical histories, minor to major fears and anxieties about the dentist and distinct emotions and feelings.  It is our entire dental staff’s goal to make your visit as pleasurable, pain free, informative and enjoyable as possible.

Having a great visit to the dentist’s office starts with the creation of a strong foundation of trust and understanding between the patient, doctor and staff. This is accomplished through listening to our patients, asking questions, answering questions and spending as much time as is necessary to make our patients feel comfortable.

What can you and your family expect
during a visit to Ashland Dental Health?
  • Taking as much time as needed to ask questions and understand what you are experiencing and feeling in your mouth, teeth, gums and jaw.
  • Explaining what will be happening during your visit.
  • Answering each and every question you may have.
  • Showing and explaining the various tools we will be using during your visit, what they will be used for and the importance of the tool. (Only if you would like)
  • Finally we will discuss your different treatment options if problems are present.

It is our goal for you to feel as comfortable, relaxed, educated and empowered as possible.

Dr. Kitchell and Dr. Omura are focused on providing the best quality of dental care available for every single patient with each visit.  Their dental office is focused on creating meaningful and life long relationships with all of their dental patients. These meaningful and lasting relationships are why over 90% of our new patients are referrals.

A Local Approach

Dr. Kitchell, Dr. Omura, and the rest of the staff do their best to give back to the Ashland community.  Dr. Kitchell was born and raised in Ashland.  He and Dr. Omura want to continue the valuable service that Dr. Dan Jackson started more than forty years ago.  Our hygienist and the rest of the staff are all Southern Oregonians. We understand our patients and want to do what is best for them. We have a passion for serving our community and try to go above and beyond to help improve the health of this valley.

Compassion and Caring

We want to help everyone from grandchildren to grandparents. Whether it’s a listening ear or answering your questions, we always have time for you. Please give us a call or drop in to see us.

If you are looking for a gentle, compassionate and personable dentist in Ashland Oregon, Ashland Dental and Oral Health is the dentist office you are looking for you and your entire family.

We are located in the historic rail road district.
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