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Looking For Kids Dentists in Ashland Oregon?
Let The Dental Team at Ashland Dental Health Make Their Visit To The Dentist Fun!

kids dentists in ashland oregon, childrens dentist ashland oregon, kid friendly dentist ashland oregon, ashland kids dentist, ashland or kids dentistsA big question many parents have is when they should first bring their child to the dentist. The answer is when they get their first tooth or by their first birthday. While this visit is for the child it us just as important for the parents. For the child it is more about getting acquainted with the office and staff but also includes a quick exam. For the parents it is about answering questions, telling you what to expect and how to properly care for your child’s teeth and foster great oral health.

Dr. Brian Kitchell and Dr. Aaron Omura love working with kids. In fact our entire staff loves working with kids. Our staff is happy to give parents ideas and tips on how to create a fun brushing and flossing routine for your children. As well as give you ideas on how to brush and floss those wiggly toddlers.

What Will A Dental Visit Be Like For Your Kids?

Taking your kids to the dentist is usually much more anxiety producing for you as the parent than it is for the kids. Thoughts running through your head like will they behave, will they cause a seen and will they cooperate. Do no stress yourself out over questions like this. Your kids will do great and will have a good time too. Here’s why.

Plenty Of Patience – Dr. Kitchell, Dr. Omura and the entire dental team take quite a bit of extra time with children of all ages to make them feel comfortable and empowered during their visit. We will take the time for them to understand what is going to happen during their visit and what they should expect. We make it fun, interesting and enjoyable.

  • We take the time to talk with the kids so they get to know us and we get to know them.
  • Show and tell with the different instruments and tools so they can see them and know what they are for.
  • Explain to them what is going to happen during their visit.
  • Begin the dental procedure only after the child feels comfortable and relaxed.

Make The Dental Visit Fun – Not all dentists make the visit to the dentist fun. We do our best to make the dentist visit as fun as possible by using silly words to explain different things so that they make sense to your child. Story telling by the staff to make the children feel comfortable and involved. Funny faces are pretty common too.

Every Kids Favorite, The Treasure Box – Picking a prize from the treasure box is extremely motivating for children. After their visit every child gets to pick a prize from our treasure box. There are all kinds of fun little prizes to choose from.

Healthy Teeth Kit – After the treasure box every child will also get a health teeth kit which includes a tooth brush, tooth paste and floss.

Children’s teeth are not as strong as adult teeth. Cavities can progress very quickly and cause significant damage. Good oral hygiene starts at home. Good oral hygiene creates better health, reduces pain and saves time and money at the dentists office.  Typically a child should be seen by the dentist every 6 months. However, if there is high cavity risks or a child has 7 or more cavities, a child should be seen every 3 months.

If you are looking for a warm, caring and understanding kids dentist office in Ashland Oregon schedule an appointment with Ashland Dental Health today 541-472-1744. We look forward to meeting you and your children.